Been In An Auto Accident? Why You Should Get Your Vehicle Repaired Immediately

So, you've been involved in an automobile accident, filed an insurance claim, and now have your settlement check in your hands. You may look at it and think to yourself: I could sure use this money to pay some bills. The car doesn't look that bad, it doesn't matter whether I get the work done or not. However, if you're thinking like this, you may be mistaken.  Use this information to learn more about why you should get your vehicle repaired right away after your accident.

2 Easy Ways to Protect Your Windshield

A cracked or broken windshield can easily compromise the safety of your driving, and it's good to do all you can to protect it. However, there are a few additional ways to ensure that you do not end up at an auto glass repair shop for help due to a broken or damaged windshield. Here are two things you should do to protect your windshield as a driver. Take Heed of Load-Hauling Vehicles

New Tech To Help You Pass An Auto Smog Inspection

Many states in the U.S. now require smog inspections to make sure your car is putting out pollution that's under the maximum amount allowed by your state. New technologies are coming out all of the time to make it easier for you to pass this test, however. You can either add emissions-reducing equipment to your existing car or get a new one that doesn't have an emissions problem at all. Vehicles with Lower Emissions

Three Reasons Why You Should Not Fear Driving Down A Mountainside

There are many people who are fearful of driving down a mountain because they are afraid that their brakes may go out during the drive. It would be very difficult for the brakes in a car to stop working completely because there are some measures in place to ensure the safety of the car. The following guide walks you through the basics of why driving down a mountain should not be overly scary to you.

What To Do If Your Brake Fluid Is Leaking

When it comes to car repair, getting repairs done on your brakes should be top priority. Without proper brakes, you are at risk of a serious accident that could cause injuries not just to you, but to other people as well. One of the signs that you might need repairs is when your brake fluid is leaking. Here are some things you should do if you notice a leak of your brake fluid.