What To Do If Your Brake Fluid Is Leaking

When it comes to car repair, getting repairs done on your brakes should be top priority. Without proper brakes, you are at risk of a serious accident that could cause injuries not just to you, but to other people as well. One of the signs that you might need repairs is when your brake fluid is leaking. Here are some things you should do if you notice a leak of your brake fluid.

Replace the Master Cylinder

The first thing you should do is check your master cylinder and see if it needs to be replaced. This is a very common cause of brake fluid leaks. Your master cylinder is one of the most important components of the brake system since it holds the brake fluid. If it looks like there is wear and tear on the master cylinder or you see cracks in it, you should replace it. You can do this by picking up a rebuild kit from your local auto parts store. It will include detailed instructions for removing the old one and adding a new one.

Inspect the Brake Hoses

You should also take some time to inspect the brake hoses, which may also be the source of the leak. Look closely at the hoses for any signs of cracks or holes. You should be able to see right away if they are the cause of the leak since brake fluid will be coating them on the outside due to the leak. Brake hoses are fairly easy to replace, though you can also have a car shop replace them for you.

Check the Brake Lines

After you have checked and/or replaced the hoses, check the brake lines. Do they show signs of leaking? If so, you can fix it by adding a pipe bender and metal tubing. Since the process is slightly different for different types of cars, you will need to look at your manual to get specific instructions for adding these components. This is one of the more difficult fixes for a brake fluid leak, so it is recommended that you get help from a mechanic if you are not familiar with brake line repairs.

Call a Tow Truck

If you notice a severe brake fluid leak when you are not at home, do not attempt to drive. If you have problems with your brakes due to the low fluid, you could cause a major collision. Call a company like Elden Dattage Towing & Auto Repair to get your car safely to your home so you can perform these troubleshooting steps, or to a mechanic to have the car looked at.