3 Tips For Collision Repair After A Fender-Bender

According to estimates from car insurance companies, the average driver will file a claim for a collision at least once every 17.9 years. While being involved in a minor fender-bender may not be life-threatening, your car could sustain some damage during these types of accidents.  Here are three tips that you can use to ensure that you get the proper collision repair after your next fender-bender. 1. Choose your own body shop.

3 Items You Need For Guaranteed Auto Financing

While individuals with good credit can often walk into a car dealership and walk out with a new vehicle, the process is a little more complicated for those with bruised or damaged credit. It used to be that there were no options available to these individuals. Thankfully, that isn't the case now. With the help of guaranteed auto financing loans, everyone can get approved for a loan, providing they have the proper information and documentation to support their application.

3 Safety Features To Look For When Buying Your First Used Semi

Investing in a semi truck can be costly. The average cost of a new semi starts at around $80,000, and you could spend up to $200,000 purchasing a brand new truck. If you don't have the financial capital to buy new, investing in a used semi could be a more affordable solution. Here are three safety features that you should be looking for as a first-time buyer as you look at used semi trucks in the future.

How To Make Your Car Last A Long Time

If you love your car, you may be worried about the day when your car needs to be hauled away to the junkyard. You might take good care of your car, but recognize that your car's failure is inevitable. However, it doesn't have to be inevitable and you can make your car last nearly forever if you are committed to it and engage proper maintenance. Buy A Reliable Car If you haven't purchased a car yet, choose one that comes from a manufacturer that is known for producing reliable cars.

What Modifications Will Make Your Car More Fuel-Efficient?

If you've recently purchased a gently-used vehicle and find yourself dismayed every time you fill up at the pump, you may already be dreaming of a new, more fuel-efficient vehicle. However, churning through cars over a brief period of time can be expensive, particularly when cheaper alternatives exist. There are several relatively inexpensive modifications you can perform to make your car lighter, faster, or just more economical. Read on to learn more about the changes you may want to make to your new-to-you vehicle.