2 Easy Ways to Protect Your Windshield

A cracked or broken windshield can easily compromise the safety of your driving, and it's good to do all you can to protect it. However, there are a few additional ways to ensure that you do not end up at an auto glass repair shop for help due to a broken or damaged windshield. Here are two things you should do to protect your windshield as a driver.

Take Heed of Load-Hauling Vehicles

You may have to share the road from time to time with dump trucks or heavy haulers who are carrying loose materials, such as rock, gravel, or even animal feed. There is a good reason why most of these vehicles have warning signs on the back of their vehicles telling you to keep your distance. If one small piece of whatever it is that they are hauling breaks free, which is completely possible, the velocity of this flying debris can easily damage your windshield. If you end up behind a vehicle that is hauling loose material, stay back, maintain a good following distance, and try to pass the vehicle if you can do so safely.

Be Aware of Tiny Chips and Dings

If you do find that you have a small fracture in your windshield, never underestimate how big of a problem it could become. If heat, cold, or moisture is allowed to make its way into this small space, it will put pressure on the fracture, which can make the crack spread or the glass shatter. If you notice even the slightest damage, you should have it checked by a professional immediately to prevent further damage.

Take Note of Rapid Temperature Changes

Your car's engine is not the only component that has issues with dramatic temperature changes. The windshield of your car can face a lot of threats as the temperatures drop, especially when there is ice involved. Never try to use hot or warm water to remove ice, as this will cause the temperature to change too rapidly and can cause cracking. If you do have a small chip or nick in your window, cover it with clear tape to keep cold and moisture from making the problem bigger. Plus, be careful to warm the windshield slowly with just your car heater to prevent putting to much stress on the area.

The windshield of your car is not just your window to the world, it provides you with an open view of the road on which you are traveling and protection from the elements, which makes it incredibly important. Make sure you talk to an auto glass repair professional for more tips and tricks to keep your windshield protected.