3 Safety Features To Look For When Buying Your First Used Semi

Investing in a semi truck can be costly. The average cost of a new semi starts at around $80,000, and you could spend up to $200,000 purchasing a brand new truck. If you don't have the financial capital to buy new, investing in a used semi could be a more affordable solution.

Here are three safety features that you should be looking for as a first-time buyer as you look at used semi trucks in the future.

1. Check the brake lines that connect the semi to a trailer for flaws.

In order to bring a big rig to a halt, good brakes are required. When looking for a used semi, it is important that you take the time to carefully inspect the brake lines that connect the semi to a trailer.

There are generally two air lines that run from the semi to the trailer. These lines are the service line and the supply line. Since the supply line provides the air needed to fill the air tanks that allow a trailer to access its emergency brakes, it is essential that this line be intact. Inspect the air lines for any cracks or holes to ensure that you will be able to safely drive the used semi after purchase.

2. Ensure that the used semi has a Jake Brake installed.

Pulling heavy loads through steep terrain can be dangerous. In order to ensure that you will have the ability to maintain control over your semi as you drive down steep grades, you should check to see that each truck you consider purchasing has a Jake Brake installed.

These brakes are designed to release compressed air that is stored in the semi's diesel engine before it has a chance to escape back to the pistons. Releasing this compressed air allows the semi to access the power of the diesel engine to slow the vehicle as you drive down steep hills. Since installing a Jake Brake after you purchase a used semi will be an added expense, finding a truck with this safety feature already in place could save you money.

3. Check to see that the truck has adequate lighting.

Federal law requires that semi trucks have a minimum number of lights in order to be considered safe. As you inspect potential used semis to purchase, be sure that you are checking to see that each truck meets these minimum requirements.

By taking lighting into consideration during the purchasing process, you will be able to avoid any potential problems when it comes to registering your used semi for use on the highway.

Buying a used semi can be a great way to save money on the vehicle you need to tow heavy loads. Be sure that you check for important safety features like quality air lines that run from the semi to a trailer, the presence of a Jake Brake, and adequate lighting before making an investment. For more information, visit sites like http://www.arrowtruck.com/.