What Modifications Will Make Your Car More Fuel-Efficient?

If you've recently purchased a gently-used vehicle and find yourself dismayed every time you fill up at the pump, you may already be dreaming of a new, more fuel-efficient vehicle. However, churning through cars over a brief period of time can be expensive, particularly when cheaper alternatives exist. There are several relatively inexpensive modifications you can perform to make your car lighter, faster, or just more economical. Read on to learn more about the changes you may want to make to your new-to-you vehicle.

4 Signs Your Brakes Need Repairs

Having brake problems is not something to take lightly. If you feel odd vibrations while driving or need to push the pedal further down to the floor to stop your car, make sure you visit a mechanic since these are early warning signs that your brakes need to be repaired. If the pads go out completely, and your brakes fail, it could cause a serious collision that puts you and other people on the road in danger.

Fleet Vehicle Abuse: Prevention For Your Company

Fleet vehicles are common in many industries and they allow companies to perform services out of vehicles marked with the company's information. A small or large fleet of vehicles needs to be maintained on a regular basis to preserve the quality and resale-ability of the vehicle. One of the biggest problems with fleet vehicles is the abuse they incur from multiple employees driving them. Most employees will respect the company's vehicle and drive it within the guidelines set forth, but there are some employees who will not pay attention to policies and cause unnecessary damage to vehicles.

3 Signs You Have Problem With Your Transmission

Transmissions play a vital role in your car functioning properly. In fact, the transmission can be one of the most expensive and hardest things to fix in your car, which is why it so important that you have plenty of warning that your transmission is going out so that you can get the car serviced, and prepare if needed for a replacement. Here are some signs that your transmission is failing.

Been In An Auto Accident? Why You Should Get Your Vehicle Repaired Immediately

So, you've been involved in an automobile accident, filed an insurance claim, and now have your settlement check in your hands. You may look at it and think to yourself: I could sure use this money to pay some bills. The car doesn't look that bad, it doesn't matter whether I get the work done or not. However, if you're thinking like this, you may be mistaken.  Use this information to learn more about why you should get your vehicle repaired right away after your accident.