4 Signs Your Brakes Need Repairs

Having brake problems is not something to take lightly. If you feel odd vibrations while driving or need to push the pedal further down to the floor to stop your car, make sure you visit a mechanic since these are early warning signs that your brakes need to be repaired. If the pads go out completely, and your brakes fail, it could cause a serious collision that puts you and other people on the road in danger. Here are some common signs that your brakes are in need of repairs.

Brake Pedal Signs

First of all, the brake pedal can give you a lot of early warning signs that you need to get repairs done on your brakes. One of the more obvious signs is when it feels like the pedal is being pushed farther and farther down toward the floor in order to get your car to stop. The pedal should not be almost to the floor of the car just to get the brakes to work properly. This is definitely a sign of needing to see a mechanic. The brakes might also show other signs through the pedal, such as having a brake pedal that feels spongy when you step on it, or that takes more force to step on in order to stop your car.

Pulling and Vibrations

Some sensations you might experience when you need to get the brakes looked at are pulling and vibrations. The vibrations occur when you put your foot on the brake pedal. You will typically experience mild vibrations in the pedal itself or the steering wheel when you start applying the brakes. In more serious cases, the entire car has a vibration sensation. This is usually a sign that the brake rotors are wearing away and need to be replaced.

You may also feel a pulling sensation when your foot is on the brake pedal. It could feel that the car is pulling slightly to one side or the other when trying to slow down or stop the car. This could be due to leaking brake fluid, brake pads or rotors that are worn, or other brake issues.

Grinding and Squeals

Hearing odd noises might actually be the first thing you notice when your brakes begin to give out. Never avoid these noises and just keep driving your car. If you are braking and you hear a loud squealing sound or a grinding sound, the brake pads are already wearing down. If they wear down completely, you could start doing permanent damage to the brakes, which would require a more extensive repair job and a much more expensive one. See a brake mechanic, like those at Foster's Auto Service Inc, as soon as you hear any odd noises while using the brakes.

Warning Lights

Lastly, you might see warning lights on your dashboard when you have brake problems. This will depend on the type of car you have. Some car models cause the check engine light to be triggered with brake issues, while others actually have a special brake warning light.