3 Signs You Have Problem With Your Transmission

Transmissions play a vital role in your car functioning properly. In fact, the transmission can be one of the most expensive and hardest things to fix in your car, which is why it so important that you have plenty of warning that your transmission is going out so that you can get the car serviced, and prepare if needed for a replacement. Here are some signs that your transmission is failing.  

1. A Grinding Sound When You Shift Gears

The transmission is primarily responsible for shifting the gears in the car. As the transmission becomes older it will not be as smooth when it switches gears. For example, when you shift gears you might hear or feel a grinding sound from the car. This means that the transmission needs repairing. You may be able to solve the problem temporarily by putting more transmission fluid in the car. The grinding could mean that there is not enough lubricant to help the gears shift easily. However, putting more fluid in is just a short-term fix, and you will need to repair the transmission eventually if it is starting to grind.

2.  Delayed Shifting

In some cases the car won't grind when you shift, instead it will just have delayed shifting. For example, if you are shifting into a new gear, does the car take a moment before it settles into the new gear? Even worse, does the shift not take in some circumstances and you have to move the lever again to try and shift? If so, you definitely have a problem with the transmission. This should be looked at right away. It can be dangerous to drive the car if this is occurring often.

If you are unsure if your car is doing this, put the car in neutral and try shifting back and forth from drive to reverse. This will help you see how quickly the car is able to respond. 

3. Leaky Transmission Fluid

A sure sign that you have a problem is that there is leaky fluid from the car. As a general rule you shouldn't have any fluid leaking from your car. Transmission fluid is red or pink. If you notice any fluid on your driveway you need to replenish it.  You should keep a spare bottle close by and keep filling the transmission. Having no fluid will cause the transmission to drop quickly, endangering everyone in the car.

These are just some of the signs to look for in your transmission.