How To Make Your Car Last A Long Time

If you love your car, you may be worried about the day when your car needs to be hauled away to the junkyard. You might take good care of your car, but recognize that your car's failure is inevitable. However, it doesn't have to be inevitable and you can make your car last nearly forever if you are committed to it and engage proper maintenance.

Buy A Reliable Car

If you haven't purchased a car yet, choose one that comes from a manufacturer that is known for producing reliable cars. Also, purchase a car that is popular because more commonly manufactured cars are more likely to have their parts readily available.

Pay Attention To Everything You See, Smell And Hear

The care of your car must go beyond changing your car's fluids, checking tire pressure, and following your vehicle's maintenance schedule. You will need to stay on-top of how your engine is functioning by listening to any strange noises your car generates. Spend some time while your car is idling to get a sense of how it sounds periodically. If you notice any discrepancies in how your car sounds, take your car to an auto repair shop to have it evaluated for any mechanical problems it might be experiencing.

At least once a week, you should examine the outside of your car. Inspect underneath and consider popping the hood. This will give you a sense of how your car should look so you can have your car taken in for maintenance if you notice any potential problems. You can also smell your oil to determine if it is burned, which can indicate a problem with your engine. Every one in awhile, have a friend drive your car because he or she is more likely to notice a problem that you may have become accustomed to, such as looser brakes that you do not notice.

Avoid Driving

Drive as infrequently as possible. Use public transportation and walk as much as you can. If you must commute to work, arrange to carpool. If you enjoy going on joyrides, simply cut the number of joyrides you go on in half.

Keep Your Car Clean

Have your car washed regularly and make sure your car paint job is touched up if it is chipped. The paint not only makes your car look good, but protects it from corrosion.

Don't Store Objects In Your Car

Do not keep anything heavy stored in your car. Heavy objects can wear out your tires and place strain on your vehicle. You can transport these heavy objects, but don't forget to remove them from your car when you reach your final destination.

For assistance maintaining your vehicle, talk to an auto repair professional like Marathon -Sleepy Hollow.