Cars To Avoid When On Your Used Car Saga

If you wish to buy a used car to save money, you mostly want to get the best car possible for as little as you can spend. This is a strategy that requires a lot of research, but is well worth the work. When looking for a used car there are a lot of good choices there. There are also some cars that you should avoid for as long as possible. Here are a few cars and catch phrases that you want to avoid like the plague on your search for a great used car that will last.

A sports car with "many upgrades"

Sports cars on a budget can be a find that tempts you to sell on the dotted line even before you get a good mechanical inspection. As it turns out, a sports car is the car that you should scrutinize the most. Sports cars that can drive fast and race and have had aftermarket enhancements are some of the most risky cars to invest your money in.

Aftermarket enhancements can cause issues and strain on the car, rather than make them better for the highway. Many sports cars with beefed up features were also used to race to drive in a manner that will quickly wear down the car. If you insist on getting a sports car, go with one that is as new as possible with no aftermarket products.

Cars older than this decade

When it comes used car sales, it is good advice to get the car as new as you can. The longer the car has been alive, the more miles and wear the vehicle will have. Cars that are older than 10 years old also tend to have less eco-friendly features that new vehicles will have. This can result in high gas prices at the pump and issues with smog inspections for counties that require them for registration.

"Work" Cars

Has this car been used for daily commute of 50 miles to and fro? Has the truck you are looking at been a construction site as a dump truck? Skip it. Cars that have excessive stress put on them, especially in off-road situations may not be the best place to spend money. These cars will likely need new tires immediately, and they may also be on their last leg, which is why they wound up in the used car lot. If possible, select a car that has average miles for its age and was used for typical driving on the highway and around the city. 

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