How To Dispose Of Old Gasoline

Gasoline eventually goes bad. There are additives you can use to make your gasoline last longer, but even these additives will only make gasoline last a few years. The best way to get rid of gasoline is to use it up. But if you aren't able to do so, you'll need to dispose of it.

Don't Pour It Down the Drain

You must never dispose of gasoline by pouring it into the ground or into the sewer. Gasoline is very toxic, which can make it harmful to the environment. Gasoline continues to be flammable and could spark a fire if too much is poured into the ground. It can kill organisms in the environment and if it seeps into the groundwater, the water can become unsafe to drink.

Consider Diluting It

You may still be able to use the gasoline. If you dilute the old gasoline with new gasoline, your engine might still start on it. Gasoline degrades both because of impurities and because of oxygen that is in the tank. If the tank has not been opened in awhile, the extent to where it has degraded might be minimal and you might still be able to use it.

Contact a Nearby Authority

Look for a local recycling center and ask for information on how you are supposed to dispose of gasoline. Either they will have their own program in place, or they will definitely have knowledge of where you can dispose of gasoline. You can also contact your local fire department. Searching the Internet is often not effective, especially if you live in a small town, because this information is not always available online. If there isn't a nearby place to dispose of gasoline, you might need to travel out of town.

Find Out What You Need to Bring

Before you take your gasoline to a hazardous waste disposal location, ask them if there is a type of container they would like you to use. Also, ask if there is a fee to dispose of the hazardous waste. While some facilities dispose of gasoline for free, others charge a fee.

Remember the Type of Gasoline

When storing gasoline and lubricants, make sure you remember what type of oil you are using. If you forget what type of fuel you are using, it will be harder to dispose of it because some programs only dispose of one type of fuel. However, a company like Gran-Del Petroleum Products will often be able to identify the type of fuel, if necessary.