6 Reasons Why Your Truck Might Not Be Starting

Few things are worse than rushing out to your truck in the morning, popping the key in the ignition, and finding that your truck will not start. Unfortunately, there are a number of reasons why your truck might not be starting. It could have a failing part that needs replaced or it could be low on fluids somewhere. Here are six reasons why your truck might not be starting.  

1. Moisture in the Distributor Cap

If it is a rainy day and the truck won't start, you may want to check the distributor cap's interior for moisture. You can purchase a can of solvent from most auto supply stores. Spray the interior of the cap with the solvent, swirl it around the cap, and dump it out. Then, just dry the cap well with a rag or towel. Once the moisture is gone, your truck will start if the moisture was the problem.

2. Fuel Pump is Failing

The most common reason that fuel pumps fail is that they are not properly maintained. The filters in electric fuel pumps need to be changed on a routine schedule which varies from one fuel pump to the next. Also, running the truck below a fourth tank of gas can cause the fuel pump to dry up.

3. Corroded Battery

Over the course of time, the battery in your truck can become corroded with dirt and gunk. When this happens, the connection with your battery will fail and your truck will not be able to start. If this occurs, clean the battery posts and try starting the truck again.

4. Dead Battery

Having a dead battery in a truck is one of the most common reasons it won't start. You can use a battery tester to check the amps to see how many amps it cranks. If you don't have a battery tester, you can try to jump-start the truck. If the truck cranks up with jumper cables, then you know you have a dead battery. An auto parts store or auto shop would be able to tell you whether the battery can be charged or if it needs to be replaced.

5. Bad Ignition Switch

If the battery is not the problem and the truck still will not start, the ignition switch could be bad. Test this by turning the key in the ignition without starting the truck. Look at your dashboard, you should see red warning lights. If you did not see any red warning lights, your ignition switch is not working right.

6. No Engine Oil

If your engine is out of oil or if you don't have clean oil in the engine, your engine will lock up because the lack of oil prevents the cylinders from working right. Checking and changing the oil will fix the problem. Failing to keep your oil clean and at proper levels could result in needing your cylinders replaced.

Naturally, you may find yourself in a situation where none of these six reasons prevented your truck from starting. Unfortunately, there are a lot of custom truck parts under that hood that could be causing the problem. In order to learn what part needs to be repaired and replaced, you may need to take it to a professional for help.