3 Easy Ways To Prolong The Life Of Your Car's Battery & Save Money

The cost to replace a dead car battery can range anywhere from about $40 to $250, depending on the brand and quality. However, the price can climb even higher if your car battery dies and you need to have your vehicle towed to a mechanic. Fortunately, there are a few simple yet effective ways in which all car owners can prolong the life of their batteries--saving themselves money and hassle in the process.

Keep it Insulated

Exposure to extreme hot and cold can cause your car's battery to lose its charge faster--especially when the vehicle isn't running. Make an effort to park inside a garage whenever possible or consider investing in a car battery insulation sleeve. Some newer cars on the market come standard with these, but if your vehicle doesn't have one, you can purchase a kit and install it yourself. Essentially, an insulation sleeve is made of an acid-resistant material and keeps the battery insulated while still providing the proper insulation, thus helping the battery maintain its charge--even in cold temperatures.

Invest in a Charger

If you don't do a lot of driving or if you plan on leaving your car for an extended period of time (to go on a vacation, for example), it's a good idea to invest in a car-battery charger. You can connect your car's battery to such a charger while it's not in use to keep it at a steady charge. There are many different types of chargers on the market; some offer different charging modes, temperature monitoring, and other features that help maximize the life of your battery. Just be sure to check before buying a charger to ensure it's compatible with your car's battery, as this can vary from model to model.

Turn Off Accessories

Finally, any time you're in your car without the engine running, make it a point to shut off as many electronic accessories as safely possible. For example, if you've gotten into the habit of hanging out in the parking lot and listening to your favorite morning radio show before you head into the office, consider switching off your car radio and listening to it on your phone or a portable radio instead. After all, while your car's engine is off, the battery isn't charging (unless it's hooked up to an external charger). Therefore, any accessories you use while the engine is off will only drain your battery more quickly.