4 Ways To Increase Storage In Your RV

When shopping for a new or used RV, one of the first things you are going to look for is storage. Where will you put your things as you travel? Will there be enough room for everything that you need? Storage should be a top priority in your RV. There are several ways to increase the storage space in your RV. Here, you will learn a few creative ways to increase the number of things you have room for during your travels.

Install a Hitch Rack

Using the exterior of your RV to store things you need while traveling will make it possible to take along many more items. Do not leave home with an empty hitch – invest in a hitch rack. There are a number of designs for you to choose from. You can find enclosed cargo boxes or flat racks that slide and lock into the hitch. Fill the cargo box or large plastic bins that are strapped down with anything that will not be used during travel.

Use the Walls

You can use the walls in your RV for additional storage. Hang your pots and pans and cooking utensils to free up some cabinet space for food. Use peg shelves to create custom shelving that is easily adjusted to fit clothing, towels, blankets, shoes or anything else.

Use Vacuum Storage Bags

You can take more clothes, bedding and towels than you might think if you use vacuum storage bags. Fill the bags with the things you will not immediately be using and suck the air out of the bags. This will cause the bags to flatten and make it possible to store what were once large, bulky bags underneath a bed, under the seats or even in the bathtub during travel.

Note: Keep a small handheld vacuum with a hose in the RV to use for quick clean-up and to vacuum the bags again after they have been opened.

Install Racks

You likely enjoy having toast and coffee with your breakfast, but the small appliances needed to make these things can take up the limited counter space you have. Install a small tiered shelving rack on the counter so that you can zip tie the coffee maker and toaster to it. This will keep everything in place as you travel without taking up too much space.

These are just a few ways to increase the storage space in your RV. You should not have to leave behind the things you want to have with your during your travels or sacrifice an RV that you really like because of limited storage. Use these tips and get creative to find new and ingenious ways to increase storage in your RV. Visit a site like http://www.orangewoodrv.com/ to learn more about utilizing RV storage space effectively.