Taking Care Of Your Tires

There are several things that can go wrong with your vehicle's tires. If you take the time to do routine checkups on your tires, you may be able to have them last longer and help your vehicle run smoother in the process. Here are some of the things that you should maintain when it comes to your vehicle's tires.

Tire Tread

Periodically check the tread on your tires to make sure that there are still grooves that can grip the roadway. If you drive on smooth, balding tires, you will be at risk – they could break at any time. Tires have metal threads installed underneath the groove patterning. If you see metal, you will need to have new tires put on your vehicle, as they are no longer safe to drive. 

Tire Rotation

It is important to keep on top of a tire rotation schedule. You should swap the front left and right tires with each other according to the schedule that will be given in your vehicle handbook. You will also need to swap the left and right back tires. Rotating the tires to different positions will keep them wearing at an even rate. Tire rotation can be done at a tire repair shop easily, and the procedure will keep your tires lasting much longer than if you do not switch their locations.

Tire Alignment

Having your wheels aligned is important if you hit anything with your vehicle. Even hitting a large pot hole can disrupt your vehicle enough that the alignment can be altered. If your wheels are not aligned, they will be driving off-center, causing uneven wear on your tires. Unaligned tires will cause your vehicle to pull to one side when you drive.

If left unfixed, the alignment will eventually cause you to need a whole new set of tires. If you take your vehicle to a mechanic like Gwizz Auto Group, they will put it on a lift and fix it so that your tires are all pointing in the proper direction when you drive.

Tire Balancing

Balancing the tires is when a small weight is added to a tire that weighs less than the other tires on the vehicle. This is usually done if you need to repair just one tire. Your mechanic will add weight to whichever tires will need it, making the entire vehicle have tires of the same weight.

Tire Air Pressure

You should check your air pressure weekly to make sure that you are driving on tires at the proper inflation. Having tires that are under-inflated will cause your vehicle to shake or pull to one side, causing uneven wear. Having over-inflated tires can be risky, as you can have a blow out while on the road.